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Dominus Frigoris
by Nordafrost

Morning crimson in the eastern sky
Purple clouds in blistering chilled air
Flesh-cutting winds from high north

Under pale skin inside shrinked limbs
Blood stucks and freezes in frostbitten veins
Bodies perish in eternal ice

Purple clouds - blistering chilled air
Flesh-cutting winds - from high north

Chorus :
Dominus Frigoris
Ira sua te capiat
Dominus Frigoris
Vis aeterna suo est

White covered mountain peaks point
Their claws vertically up high
Thin pines the spear-armed phalanx of frost

You have to obey you cannot
Resist the merciless cold
In the unhallowed realms of the Lord of Frost

White covered mountains - point their claws up high
The spear-armed phalanx - of frost


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