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Rambo Knife
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the best part about this, the actual Karen rebels fighting the military in Burma have adopted this as their motto, "live for nothing or die for something"

lee mcelroy

@Cadman 07 now that you said it. I am too. Lol

lee mcelroy

@HenryThaboe 13 no, Im Karen.

Jose Chavarria

That's not what a "Karen is" you got the wrong concept buddy

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Connor Brennan

The essence of Rambo's character is perfectly defined here: He never wanted to be a part of war. He never wanted to be involved. But he keeps getting forced back into it, and he does the only thing he knows how in order to survive: fight as if his life depended on it.


@Benjamin Brant I don't think he got tons of cash and girls from this. I think he married at the end of the trilogy with enough cash to buy small home in the middle of nowhere and lived independently

The Cowboy Casanova

“You ENJOY all the killing. That’s why!”

Mac Miller

Because his life does depend on it and it depends and everything he loves. A true passion of fire that’s impossible to burn out. The true beauty and instinct of being human

Kuro Okami

Now he puts them down before they put him down.


They drew first blood, not him

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