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Nox Arcana Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Damn this is badass....a must have for my music collection


I have been listening to this band for several hours strait, just relaxed in the slow, creepy melody.. but when this song came on my heart rate picked up and i just cant shake a feeling of nervousness..... too creepy

Jon Inners

This should have been the theme song of the old H. P. Lovecraft Fan Club and Necromancy Society back at UMass in the 1960's! I hope there are a still a bunch of us still left out there.


Shadow Walker
If you want secret knowledge just ask for that weird book your grandpa said he inherited from his great-uncle; you're bound to find interesting stuff.

A Shade

Wait there is a Necromancy society Interesting. I may consider joining. I have always desired secret knowledge.

Quantum Enigma

Never going anywhere xD we survived and thrive now a days

javier Marco Landazabal

El "Necronomicon" y Abdul Alhazdred, son creaciones del genial Lovecraft, igual que la inexistente Universidad de Miskatonic o la Lámpara de Alhazdred, del mismo nombre que el relato incluído en el libro "La habitación cerrada" (Lovecraftt)

die tomate

Interesante dato, gracias por compartir


hola, soy un pingüino

Sheila Barnhill

the Necronomicon is also one of the best books ever written!

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