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Beautiful Together
Oceanlab Lyrics

Looking out across the bay
And in your eyes
I see all I want to say
And now you love me
The clouds above me
Couldn't stop the way I'm feeling

Together we are beautiful, I miss you

I see clearly
I am not afraid to fall
And with you near me
I can rise above it all
And now you love me
The clouds above me
Couldn't stop the way I'm feeling

Together we are beautiful, I miss you

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Oskar Koch DNB

+ Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight (Original 12'' Remix)
+ DT8 Project - Destination (Above & Beyond Remix)
+ Above & Beyond - Good For Me (Above And Beyond Club Mix)
+ Above & Beyond - Oceanic
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... and now this <3
I f*cking love you A&B!

Grzesiek Biernadski

Podróże małe i te duże
zabierają mnie ku górze
gdzie myśli są łagodne
i niosą mnie swobodnie
zamknięty w kokonie szczelnie
w nocy jak i we dnie
zapominam o problemach moich
w marzeniach zaplątany swoich

czy szanse mam na powrót panie
nie wiem co się z silnikiem stanie
szpera spina należycie
tu się dopiero zaczyna życie
trance dudni bassem
motyle w brzuchu nad pasem
księżyc świeci, kilometry lecą
latarnie na trasie magicznie świecą…

powiedz mi chłopie czy to jest raj
chciałbym przemierzyć tak każdy kraj
czy ten Tadek da sobie radę ?
w sumie to chuja na to kładę
człowiek w nostalgii jest zatracony
w drogę jak kuna zapatrzony

poczuj ten klimat przesłanie moje
miej co wspominać na stare lata swoje

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This is what Above & Beyond was about... please come back to this style.

Robert Dediu

@VITTYA Your correct Sir but they Did Sold Big Room Trance and that’s absolute Trash compared to how they were when they Started out in the Early 2000’s

Robert Dediu

@belgianwolfie I Agree with your Reply and Advice to him Belgianwolfie especially the part were you Said people Change and times change and the Big one if you get Stuck in the past in Doesn’t help you in the Long Run however even though I was a kid back during the late 90’s and early 2000’s and lived for a little while if you can believe it in Romania and Europe during Awesome times during the World’s New Millennium and During the Late 90’s and early 2000’s even though 9/11 happened back then and that was really bad thing that happened in the World And Early 2000’s America I have a different Musical Taste for Edm Beats and Melodies than I did And I am sure other more Grown Up people Did during the turn of the millennium even though I still listen to Electronica Classics that were popular at the Turn of the millennium because most of them are Timeless Musical masterpieces


@BlackScout they never sold out to big room electro. WTF are you talking about

Carlo Martini

+belgianwolfie You just said a whole lot of nothing in a whole lot of words. Yes, artists change. Art changes. But A&B used to make you think about eternity and the vastness of the universe... they used to make you feel like you were light years away in deep space, eons in the future... they used to give you GOOSEBUMPS all over your body, the way only trance can.

It's about the heaviness for them now, monotonous big room electro drops, "the feels" (their old songs had feels but they were never center stage cheesiness like they do today). They've become a discount version of what they used to be and the timelessness/outer spacey sense of wonder they used to represent is just gone. Is there not a way to evolve your sound without losing those magical qualities?


It was a sudden change of style. They totally sold out to the Big Room Electro style. What a trash argument. "HURR STUCK IN THE PAST"

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Top Kek

This is the above & beyond we all fell in love with

Lynz C

And unfortunately they don't sound like this as often anymore, but I still love them

Stooby D

@Sky Of The Universe yeah northing racist about Pepe what soever mate. You got it all confused

Top Kek

@Sky Of The Universe is this a serious comment? What’s racist about a frog

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