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Oceans Ate Alaska Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Oceans Ate Alaska:

Blood Brothers Born and raised side by side Been closer than close our…
Blue Lungs We ran our rivers dry, took our only prize from…
Clocks Youthful yet so blind, We held the greatest treasure time. …
Downsides Life's not as bad as you make it out to…
Drunk In Love I've been drinking, I've been drinking I get filthy when th…
Entity Everything changed that day I saw the great White light and…
Floorboards Asking so many questions Finding so little answers My frie…
HIGH HORSE Get off your high horse and bow before me! Silver stairs…
Hunting Season This can't be happening My life flashed before my eyes You…
I the Creator This is our battle cry! Make them run for the hills. M…
Linger You was always trying to make us Into something we could…
LOST ISLES I left behind streets paved with gold, to live A life…
Mirage Everything... Reminds me of you. So much so, that there's n…
No Strings The Puppeteer has got me wrapped around his finger. He’s pu…
Over the Edge Conjured from the very thing I despise. Like a cancer it…
PART OF SOMETHING I have never felt like I've been part of something. Communi…
Taming Lions They walk among us, with heads held high. The overseers of…
The Puppeteer So place the blame I'll be the one to face the…
To Catch a Flame There's light at the end of this tunnel. Where I hope…
To Catch A Flame  There's light at the end of this tunnel Where I hope…
VULTURES AND SHARKS They came to conquer, all they wanted was To watch us…
X-Ray Eyes An effortless deceiver She pulls the veil over her lies Wi…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:
Incarcerated between these worlds
Reality seems to loose its hold
We hide away and try to fill the space between these thoughts

Detached from everything that lives and breathes
Emotions just words on a screen
So fabricated is the life we lead
So fabricated is the life we lead

Side by side
You'll watch the whole world pass you by
An affliction, this addiction

Side by side
Out of sight, you're out of mind
So obsessed with imitation

Stuck living in this cycle of vanity
Will self loathing even matter if they're calling your name

Call my name
When happiness is so dependant on shallow words
Spoken from the mouths of introverts
Measuring your own self worth

Feeding your anxieties
They'll throw you to the wolves
At the slightest hint of weakness
Just don't let it defeat us

Turn a blind eye
Why should you give a fuck what they say?
I'll never give a fuck what they say
Your judgements preconceived of me
Don't waste your life living a lie
Worthless lie

Incarcerated between these worlds
Incarcerated between these worlds
These worlds

Comments from YouTube:


This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard.


Wth your that perv that did adults only fortnite, go listen to cardio b or some shit

my bathrooms half natty lighting

@Designated Shitposter lmao u really don't know shit huh? 😆😆


Holy shit one of my favorite youtubers listens to OAA? Alright!

Underground Warrior

@Designated Shitposter compare their songs. Their riffs are very different.

Underground Warrior

@Designated Shitposter Sounds nothing like them. Different genre.

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Logan Campos

This is beautiful & they say metal music is "garbage " "angry music" "music only for "meat heads" "satan music " man you know what?? Metal music is art. Complex. Therapy. Metal has help me be strong. Has saved my life on many occasions. Thank you metal. You have surpass so many styles & yet more to come in the now,the future,& the next generation. The youth still listens to us. & thank your children for that. Who ever parents a metal musician,my hat goes to you. I will support my future children's dream. What ever may it mat be.


Whatever that thing that goes like " hoooowoooonngg ohhh. Hooowwong" in the background is attractiing me to this song

Raptor's Treasure

I assumed they were saying "Haanshaaaaaa" with a bunch of reverb and effects on it 🤷‍♂️

Primeval Art


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