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Odd Nosdam Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Odd Nosdam:

Untitled when i see you your playing that dumb guitar check out…
Untitled track 10 when i see you your playing that dumb guitar check out…

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Comments from YouTube:


If I had a montage of my life, I hope this song would be the one playing.

Avani Singa

The beat is what makes music Hip Hop, not the Rap! Rap is just an addition to Hip Hop. Remember that Rap is not what makes Hip Hop what it is. Anyway, Odd Nosdam rules!

Unbacked Salt

I'd say it is both beat and rap


a strong fan who agrees with me on the main!  keep it up until u slam it big time.  this track eats my brain


Nostalgia levels off the charts

Alexis Alvarado

Nostalgia de la buena papá con la parte del buen Brent!! 🙏

Diegosk8 _sxl

2020 and i still love this is my element...


this is my element :) chilll perfect song to feel good

Don Lope de Aguirre

This song gave me a speeding ticket 🙄


This music makes me wish i'm rolling at a rave back in the 80's

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