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After Thoughts
Oddisee Lyrics

You might think my words are gift wrapped
Putting a positive spin on a world of riffraff
But we are all equals
Underneath the evil is good
So you shouldn't criticize me trying to uplift that
My presence today with mix match
Of population caught in the fantasy who'd rather sit back
Effervescence shining with ways to bring the bliss back
In fact the ages shall be courageous I wish that
The city wasn't being gentrified
Another generation of gentrification leads to the next high rise
When politician's in the limelight they open their eyes
Shutting the venues and night life to their corporate demise
So ask yourself what are your priorities?
To whine and moan and hide alone behind your computer screens?
Or can we rise over these disguises of leaves?
Cause society's still falling and crawling and stalling and trying to breathe
Equality's necessary for race and gender
They're trying to get married and sexuality is still praying to blend in
Is the media still deceiving or bridging the gap?
Are we reading for any reason or just living to chat?
Are we eating all our feelings with guilt after the fact?
Are we bleeding or healing to get our fill of the glass?
Empty or full it's time fill up my gas
Then see me pull my weight accelerate and kill every task
Then steal every mask separate hate from the blast
Ground zero built upon with patience and class
Ground below still the one that's shaping this man
Now we know we're beyond all the pain in these hands
No more waiting for the sadness to vacate this land
So yo I'm waking up to have this day to command
Saving all this vastness with ways to have grandkids
Educating elevating putting faith in this plan

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I'm claustrophobic confined in an ever expanding mind is there room for growth 
When I've reached the cap space long ago the ceiling is exponentially moving close 
Felt as though I wasn't worth much, could use a quote then realized I had a bank full of pride left to dispose 
The king's treasure doesn't measure up I suppose the ruler's broke his rule's a joke
the fliest unidentified object to crash land from the sky onto the coast I'm the living embodiment of a UFO 
Came to this planet with one ambition, and that's to tour the globe from the North Saharan Steppe to the slopes 
of the Appalachian mountain caps both my foot in a foot of snow
 I feel at home there's ice in my veins my heart's cold my moods 2 below 
I'm in too deep, cruising low, beyond sea level the Marianas trench is where my feet would go 
if I decide to move up a thousand leagues from my current position scooting close 
to the edges of the mortal realm seeking a fair trade looking to gain enlightenment but lose my soul 
you should know that's a small price to pay for hyper-awareness
 then chase it away with constant booze (boos) sitting in a room of ghost
 let the word spread like wildfire but it wasn't bred for the limelight, the rumor's toast
I feel like a monk in a ceremonial tunic/robe a bad habit bestowed to a defiant delinquent who confused the oath 
with a pinky promise that will soon be broke I lack the will to commit soon you'll know 
the imperfect perfectionist would rather not do it if he couldn't do so to completion, what a stupid oaf 
ignoring that mistakes are just a major part of being human, though he's more of a demigod that fell from grace 
the Plymouth rock that fell from space without a core, a shell a case a fraction of himself left to waste away 
he could slit your wrist with wits as sharp as razor blades was sent through hell for heaven's sake 
the table's turned redecorate the room then change the ordain feng shui along with a depreciating mental state 
could pierce your impenetrable fortress then infiltrate the heart locked behind your ribs the cage that incarcerates your passion it's a great risk to take but I'll whisk away your worries to free you from such a pitiful state
 dream big as I put an end to your miserable wake 

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this shit so raw he aint even had to put lyrics real talk

BigHomieGrizz WitMyRadio

A work of art real talk👏🏾

The Encouragement Kid

69th like on your comment 5 years later js lol

Ajia Gahzalia

This mans music is so chill you honestly don't need to be high to feel that sense of calm. He's know what the ears wants to hear. Love this!

Callie Callie J.

Dee Taylor - Indeed, well said. Life is beautiful. Calm can be found without drugs (plants and other things are not meant to be used that way; drugs give a false sense of calm while quickly or slowly destroying the mind and body). The highest calm you can have is with faith in God. After God, other ways to be calm are to just sit and think, listen to music (like the sounds of this track) that has no negative connection, reading a book, taking a walk, etc.

Robby RedEye


Left Lyric

Dee Taylor ur pretty face brings a sense of calm

SAYVON of Treehouse Arcade

Cristian Reyes Do you mind checking out my music?

Cristian Reyes

i like it

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Olivia Curry

This was the first entire album I'd spent money on in around eight years. I bought it the night before I went hiking in New Mexico for a week. It was the only thing I listened to. I didn't even want to listen to anything else, nothing could compare. Now whenever, wherever I listen to this album (even in washington DC rush hour traffic) it takes me back to New Mexico. That was the first time I'd been off the east coast and I am inexplicably grateful to have some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard, remind me of one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. As a DC local, I'd already felt a connection to this artist and his music.....but new mexico was one of the most spiritual, unique, and unforgettable experiences I've ever had, and I love that this music takes me back there.

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