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Sister Cybele
Oliver Magnum Lyrics

[Daugherty, Humphrey, Kurtz, Mueller, Worthen]

Time has slipped away
Your life is stolen
I see you wrestle with your dreams

Heavens stand open
And scatter their riches
My hands need but gather their wealth

Love's arms beckon
With their naked delight
And Eden's promise of ecstasy

Scars are remembered
Of old transgressions
As in some hateful dream

Sister cybele the time that you spent

And halls of worthless women
You shalt desire
Respire the deadliest fume

At last to lie within
Your hidden virtues
The vilest worms crawl vampires gloom

Sister cybele the time that you spent
Saving your secrets reserving your sense

There should be a science of discontent, hard times
And oppression to develop a psychic muscle
Sister of many remembered by few

Sister cybele the time that you spent
Saving your secrets reserving your sense

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Comments from YouTube:


Bring these Gods back!

kenny robison

I am from Oklahoma Long LiveĀ  OM!

Gerry Black

Though the CD is hard to find, I found it in a local cd store's bargain bin for...get this... $1.Try googling it to see if it available!!

Joseph Murray

Man this album rocked. Much under-appreciated act...

Gerry Black

have had this cassette for AGES!!!! One of my all time faves. US Metal rules!!!!

Bill Brutal

I still have one of their old demo tapes, I wonder if it's worth anything?

Kurt Neudeck

oh yeah, i have it as well. Even had a pair of Oliver Magnum shorts back in the day, lol. Saw them in Springfield MO in the mid to late 80s.

Aubrey Williams

Uncle Dan is the most awesome bass player ever!!! These guys will always be the most greatest metal band EVER to me!!!

jim bradley

One of the best metal bands of all time!!!They should have been a huge metal name!!!!!!


no mark:[

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