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by Olivier Messiaen

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Gérard Manset Vous n'avez pas raison C'est bien une oraison Celle du mon…
Juliette Tu fais semblant de dormir, Tu fais semblant de sourire, L…

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This music is perfect for studying images of extinct animals.

Chanel Rosewitch

Wow that's gold xD


About 10 years ago I used to listen to this every morning before work and I didn't realise I was depressed...

Nathaniel Le Sage

@NPC 3000 Wagie wagie get in cagie.

Marc Brassé

Dear Glittabones. It has probably actually helped you to get through such a difficult period. When I am at my (chronic depressive) lowest I often play Vivaldi's Hobo concerto's. It is very playfull but at the same time ordered music. Messiaen's music is also very harmonicly pure and the Ondes Martenot adds to that prerception of purity. So you where intuitively searching for that. No much help could be ecpected from listening to disharmonic chaos under such circumstances. So please do not blame the music. It might not be a silver bullet that heals one under such difficult circumstances but it can surely help. This might actually also explain why (musical) creativity and depression are often connected.

Jarett Hale

This is beautiful. I dont understand.

NPC 3000

A true wagie wojak.

Niccolo Paganini

@cobrastriesand An office job

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This piece is very beautiful and unique. What comes to my mind is Hanns Eisler's Chamber Symphony from 1940 where he uses electronic instruments. Regarding to mood and expression I would recommend you Ein Stelldichein from Arnold Schönberg. Take care!

vincent stuart

this piece became part of his quartet for the end of time

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