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Preludes: La colombe
Olivier Messiaen Lyrics

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The harmonics in the high notes of the last 3 bars of "La Colombe" sound so much like bells, I thought I was hearing things. It's amazing what dissonance can do on piano!


Yeah it’s really quite amazing. Learned the whole piece just for those three bars

Lasse Becker

It really is genius. I also thought that the pianist played another instrument at first

Luke Faulkner

I remember hearing 22:40 for the first time at music school when I was 16, played by one of the other students. I was utterly entranced then and still am now. The sudden consonance after the Messiaenic dissonance that precedes it is magical.


@looney1023 Bells Through the Leaves (cloches à travers les feuilles)


There's a moment in Debussy's Images book 2 that does something similar that always entranced me in a similar way. Pentatonic right after a series of whole tone patterns. chills!

Oscar Gill

It's so conventionally impressionistic, yet somehow I have little doubt I wouldn't recognise it as Messiaen.


@tteera beats Maybe they heard just that etude, not the whole set.. doesn’t seem unbelievable to me

tteera beats

Seems hard asf to play

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Thomas Little

Messiaen's harmonic language is intoxicating.

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