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Disco Hi
Orlando Julius Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Orlando Julius:

Disco Hi-Life Come on every body. Come on every body. Come on let's do…
My Girl I've got sunshine on a cloudy day When it's cold outside…

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Comments from YouTube:

kevin farquhar

Check out this groove


un son qui donne de la pêche, cela fait du bien en ce moment :-)

Daisy Pidgeon

went to like this song, but i already have! how can i like it again? :(

Rob Tocknell

Let's do the disco hi-life 🎶♥


Damn !!
The Sun is right here and the beach to!
Vacation. Vacancées!


@Henry Y eèèeeeeèeèèèeeeeèeeeeeèeèeeeeèeeeeèèèeèeèèèèèèèèèèèèeèèèeèèeeèèèèèeèeèèē

Henry Y

Hi, You know other music of this style?

Mister Soul

I love it !!! <3<3<3



lo primo

lourd orlando

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