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Under the Sign of the Beast
Osculum Infame Lyrics

Guided by the magical moon-gleam
Melt with the spectral fog
I am the Beast,
Child of Night and Evil
Dictatorial Emperor in my damned land
With a blasphemous nature

I am... The memory of a cruel past
I am... The guardian of elitist and strong values
I am... The Predator
Demonic creature pitted against lies and weakness
The Destructor of Jesus' and David's lambs

Through mystical valleys
Hear my triumphant howilng
Horrific signal for the return of bestial instincts...
Announcement of supremacy...
The awaking of barbaric hordes
Sinister Druids had predicted their reign
Lunar attraction completed their prophecies...

Time of Tyranny and Blood arrives
Mayhemic Hordes led by an ancestral rage
We are the Beasts,
Children of Night and Evil
Our bestial way will triumph forever...

[Autumn 1996]

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Comments from YouTube:


This band was so much better before they reformed. Now they're a bunch of Watain clones...

Andi Wand

I miss such tracks like this one today, as well as printed flyers in b/w and small mailorder catalogues... this track is pure nostalgy, and cares much of something, which is gone these days...


Th best BM discover I ever had,before Ulver.

Davide Buzzi

Bought this album 12 years ago... proud to got it in my collection. simply a black masterpiece!


wow just saw my own comment 11 years ago :D still love this song . Masterpiece its a trip into another realm :D


One of my favorite bm songs. This is a criminally underated album and just simlpy kills . To bad it's almost impossible to find now.


This is one of a kind. I've Never heared something like this.


One of the beast symphonic black metal songs ever.

Richard Cam

favoris !!!


Proud to have the original double lp from Black Militia Productions... masterpiece and nothing more to say!!!

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