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Overseer Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Eric Cottle

"May there be mercy on man and machine for their sins."


A certified hood classic



Catarina Neves

Probably one of the most memorable songs from my memories, so much nostalgia!


I heard this in Snatch back in 2000. I was just getting into the idea of looking for tracks that blend symphonics and electronic and this was the first thing in this regard.
Still a great track after all these years

Matthew Moran

I don't remember Overseer being featured on Snatch 's soundtrack. 🤨


One of my all time favourite songs


NFS Underground, ToCA World Touring Cars and the Animatrix. Damn this song puts a smile on my face :)

Lee O Nardo

I swear it was used on some Cartoon Network/Toonami adverts in the UK too


Gran Turismo 3 A-spec! :)

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