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Get The Money
PANTyRAiD Lyrics

Get the Money
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Morgan Chase

"How much further do we have to go to realize this is not just another panty raid?" -Ronald Reagan


Pack a bowl, put your headphones on, fall in love with Pantyraid :)

Vibe Life

This was my shit back in the day. still so good.

Vibe Life

Another 5 years later at 27... still my shit

Ryan Hallberg

as a 29 year old, your not old enough to have a back in the day recall.

Music Man

Vibe Life back in the day. . Y u in the past. This shit is still the shit in the day. With yo livin in the past bitch ass. Get current Nigguh.

Jeffrey Homan

Vibe Life same here bro. CU Boulder in the dorms bumpin this shit hard. And emalkay and Rusko. Those were the days of sunshine

Mckinley A

I heard this for first time in 2010 going into freshman year of college. Now I'm gonna be 25 soon booooo

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The 513 that disliked this are not getting the money.


@Kalani Tuiono indeed sir, and thanks for alerting me to update to 503 poor souls instead of 502

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