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Ready To Go

Sweet nothin′
What's goin′ on
How come a pretty girl like you
Is always gettin' into trouble

Reelin' on the corner
The city at night
Is all you′re doin′ here
Waitin' for love to come around

How about love
Just a little love

Hey somethin′
What do you know
There might be over'bout a dozen situations
Where you′d wanna go

Try just a little
More 9 to 5
Instead of hangin' on that corner
′Stead of gettin' into trouble

Lookin' for love
Are you ready to go

Sweet nothin′
The fabulous life
Walk the streets
Until the early mornin′ light grows cold

Ready to go

Hey somethin'
What do you know
There might be over ′bout a dozen situations
Where you'd wanna go

Ready to go

Writer(s): Jelle Paulusma

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