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Sight of You
Pale Saints Lyrics

The sight of you
The sight of you
Makes me feel blue
Makes me feel blue
The things you said
The things you said
Make me feel bad
My heart is sad
I think of him
I think of him
Soaked all in red
I wish him dead
You say that he
You say that he's
Nothing like me
But how can that be?
What can I do?
What can I say?
The world was large
And I felt very small
What's gonna happen?
How will I know
When things are back
The way they used to be before?
The sight of you
The sight of you
Makes me feel blue
I feel so blue
The things you said
The things you said
Make me feel bad
My heart is sad

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Comments from YouTube:

João Inácio

This is the first Pale Saints song that I've heard on the radio, on a Brazilian indie show called Novas Tendências by DJ José Roberto Mahr (the Brazilian version of John Peel). It was the year my father died, after a long battle with cancer, this caused a huge financial debacle on my family, it was my first year at university, Brazil was in a middle of a tragic economic and political crisis, my childhood beloved friends flew away to live in Germany.... My den was my room, my vinil records and some CDs (at the time VERY expensive). I have the original "the Comforts of Madness" . It still one of my old discs that I've listen almost in a weekly basis ("The Colour of Spring" , by Talk Talk; the first House of Love album, "Whirlpool" , Chapterhouse; "Grace", from Jeff Buckley, "The Pink Opaque" compilation, by the Cocteau Twins and "the Sensual World", Kate Bush are the others).

Maria Cecília

Que história! Incrível como a música consegue transportar a gente pra épocas tão longe mas que parecem tão próximas ao mesmo tempo


vamos conversar

R.E. Maks

Well my friend, it sounds like you were going through a very rough patch in your life. Music has always been an escape for me, and it sounds like you had a tremendous soundtrack to assist during the same.


@João Inácio Amazing how both Comfort of Madness and The Colour of Spring are in my favorite albums too.

João Inácio

@massa nobucada lugar do Brasil era numa rádio diferente. Aqui no RS, inicialmente na rádio Cidade, de Porto Alegre. Depois, na rádio Feluspe, da cidade de Canoas-RS, emissora que era da Universidade Luterana do Brasil. Houve um pequeno período numa outra rádio aqui do RS, mas logo nenhuma emissora gaúcha estava mais retransmitindo. No restante do Brasil o programa durou mais algum tempo.

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Shoegazer 93

I know a reunion isn't on the cards, but this is good enough. Ride, Chapterhouse, The Stone Roses, Moose. Top bands. Top era


@LifeOfNate the Jesus and Mary chain still plays occasionally. They’re not disbanded


Yeah you missed The Jesus and Mary chain too bud


swervedriver, teenage fanclub and many others <3 love them all

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