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My Life Is Yours
Papa vs Pretty Lyrics

All the time I've wasted, well I want it back
is that too much to ask?
I attended my own funeral with a knife in my back
and i watched it recede
watched my lifetime recede

- My life now, is yours

Never before have i been more happy to be alive
with all the time in the world
and though it sounds cliché
but sometimes all the best things are
like blind stabs in the dark
swallows flying in the dark

- I'm not afraid of you or anyone

Contributed by Callie T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Gabby Kay

This band is the most underrated band I've ever known, they are literally amazing!!!

Ram Seader

Thanks for the music, Papa vs Pretty. 

no comment

thats wrapped it up very nicely :)

Blissful being acupuncture

Love this song - so beautiful.


Keep coming back for more of this track! Can't wait for the album!


Their best song. So freakin beautiful.

Harry Wallace

Such a dam good song, from Heavy Harm and Ballad to this, who knows where things will go from here. If they don't get into JJJ's top 100 this year I think I'll die a little inside.

Sonja's Channel

I'll give the interpretation a go :)

The video and song is about his life, and their love together. She perhaps has been unfaithful (the loveheart necklace) and he is still angry with her and can't forgive her. He keeps leaving but going back.  They love each other but feel trapped. They both have an opportunity to leave but feel like they cant because they still care for each other.

ps) The photo represents their home. He is showing to her, asking where it is? What has she done with it? This is symbolic of their once happy life together
pps) He finds it in the end (the windvane). There are risks involved to get it back, but he chooses to give it a go.

Kore Burgett

The effect of infidelity on a relationship. Desperately trying to repair it and find what was. Ugh my feels. Great intrpretation, I've thought about this clip since it was released and I've finally got my answer t thanks to you.

Earth to Rosita

i loved this interpretation. i had something similar like this but i ended up being the one to leave

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