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Find the Fire
Parallels Lyrics

I traded in my faith for a moment of song
Led me to the sea, show my skin to the sun
The fever of the night, beating my heart
Taking me back to the very start
I let my thoughts linger in a vacant space
Dance in the sand, taking my place
Following the heat waves, moving my bones
We're moving fast, and we travel alone
Oh, take it from me tonight
Don't wait too long 'til the fire dies
We'll be free inside the moonlight
We're falling into dreams, move with the fire
Image is divine, burn with desire
I see them in the night, I want to believe
That beauty is truth like the song of the sea

With the fire we can build, we can destroy
Our mothers are gone, our fathers have lied
Remember before, what it was to believe
We're born of the fire-burning in me
Oh, take it from me tonight
Don't wait too long 'til the fire dies
We'll be free inside the moonlight
Oh, bring in the firelight
Here we conquer, never die
Fire breathes inside the moonlight
My face into the window, here we never chance
In the night I come alive in the firelight
Oh, take it from me tonight
We've traveled far too long to roam
Find the fire, find your home (x2)

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Comments from YouTube:

William Weaver

Love this jam...I'll have this blasting on the radio at work near closing time! :)


Thanks for posting all these great album tracks. So maybe I'm gonna buy the original album.

Tim Smith

Cool to see that Berlin has come out of retirement from the '80s to do something new.

David Sanchez

23 seconds in, and im sold...


sweet sound !!!!! VOICE is GREAT... like the ultimate mix of crystal castles and madonna ... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really cool. Francesco


LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!  I had forgotten about it. Going in my next indielectro set =D


+RICHARD FLOYD so happy to be reunited :)


Tasty synths.

Timi Kemr

like the sound very much, but not the vocals :( shame

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