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Peace and Tranquility
Pascal Michael Stiefel Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Peace and Tranquility' by these artists:

ABC My pride my joy My chance to taste happiness My girl my…

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Comments from YouTube:

First-name Last-Name :D

Song: seal the deal
Image: Nyakuza metro
Me: confused screaming

little hat kid

I approve off the meme though

little hat kid



you get the badge from nyakuza metro


sorry to tell ya but the tranquility badge exists

Erik Haarseth

Well i could pull of a ''I GOT HERE FIRST'' but im going to instead talk about how good this song is.

This song is just perfect going from something like the collapsing rift, to this.
It is just incredible.


good meme


you basicly said it...

‧ PikkaAnimates ‧

People: Taps on Dislike button.

“I will find you in your sleep.”
“I will Stab you in your sleep.”

“And I will give you the Peck and Tranquality.”
“So, don’t even try me or test me out.”


jk its great

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