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Stay With Me Tonight
Patty Ryan Lyrics

You know I'm searchin' for sweet emotion
Italian fellow, oh lover take my heart
Today I saw you down by the ocean
I need to have your soft kisses in the dark

When I went home I still remember
Those tender nights I spent with you
Out there alone I will surrender
Oh and my dream may be true

Stay with me tonight until tomorrow
Just turn off the lights, no distance so
When you hold me tight I feel love in my heart
Stay with me tonight, your real attraction
Just another night, some satisfaction
Take me to the light, yeah let's climb to the starts

Ooh when you kiss me, wakes my desire
Yes, when you touch me, the expression in your eyes
So come on closer and take me higher
Italian lover, just tell me your surprise

Contributed by Elliot H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Den Harrow

A song from the times when

Blaze YT

No autotune shit. Yeah

ela januszkiewicz

♥♥♥☺ uwielbiam te stare dobre hity

Marko Kovačić

I was born on april 11th 1986.
Even though i grew up in the '90s&'00s
This special song is just divine....
I adore plate-like drum kits, which are clearly heard how powerfull they are....and my favorite sound ever ORCHESTRA HIT!!!
I really don't know which synthesizer is used to produce that fat-strong-sustained sound, but it has to be a hell of a's keyboards are filled with a lot of dsp and ram but output sounds are thin and without kick at all...and I wont take that back!!!

Jesús Ramírez

Excelente Tema...Gracias por compartirlo!!

Atticus Finch

28 years have passed by. And then one day I found this timeless song... just like that!
"And When I Die I Keep On Living
You'll Always Have My Love Seeing You Through
I'll Be Your Angel Up In Heaven
Forever All My Love Will Shine On You
Cause Baby I Love You "

Александр Анатольевич

Классно поет!!!

Але Попазов

Да сама красивая

Carlos Guzman

Bella musica, me encanta


With age, you realize how beautiful the music was, at a time when my parents were still in school.

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