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Lady Bump
Penny Mclean Lyrics

I'm so glad you come in here tonight. I'm so it chin' to
Dance I can't stand it and I was countin' on dancin' with you.
It's a saturday night and I feel all right
So come on
let's dance - look at me
AII I want to do is to bump with you
So come on
let's dance - look at me tonight.
When we hear the music play you might
Learn from me in every way.
They call me lady bump
lady bump it's no lie - ah
Lady bump
lady bump - just the music takes me high.
They call me lady bump
lady bump uh uh uh ah
Lady bump
lady bump look at me and you'll know way.
I don't need a break 'cause my hips got to shake -
Ooh come on
let's dance - look at me
When I feel your touch - baby
it's to much
Ooh come on
let's dance - look at me tonight
. . .
They call me lady burnp
lady bump it's not lie - ah
. . .
They call me lady bump
lady bump uh uh uh ah
. . .
They call me lady bump
lady bump uh uh uh ah
. . .

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Comments from YouTube:

Donald Fewell

It's nostalgia time for those of us who remember those funky 'Seventies!

luis tello tello

Todo lo que producen es de excelente calidad, felicitaciones.

Jesús fernando


Explorer Mike

I don't remember hearing this song at the discos in the USA, but it was apparently a big hit in Europe. Since Penny McLean was part of Silver Convention, she is cool by me.


I remember gittin doon to this at Forrestfield Disco (Western Australia) in the 70's.
Nearly as big there as Len Boones - Love won't be Denied was around Peterborough (UK) AKA.. B & D Shuffle (B & D means Bull and Dolphin - a pub in Peterborough) AKA The Peterborough Shuffle !

Luke The Urban Farmer

It was a hit in my favorite disco in Providence, RI. And a hit with me since my actual last name is Bump.

Siggi Neeb

It definitely was a hit in Germany! I remember when InEars a teenager I was every weekend in the disco. Wish I could turn back time! ❤️

J. Omar Sánchez Carrasco

In México was MASSIVE!!!

Explorer Mike

@Martin Knoerr I wasn't in New York at the time, but I am happy to know that Penny McLean had success with this song in the USA as well as Europe.

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Apartment Sixeleven

My God, she's fun. Absolutely love her.

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