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This Land Is Your Land
Pete Seeger (Children's) Lyrics

This land is your land, this land is my land
From [the] California to the [Staten] New York Island,
From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream waters,
[God blessed America for me.]
As I went walking that ribbon of highway
And saw above me that endless skyway,
And saw below me the golden valley, I said:
[God blessed America for me.]

I roamed and rambled and followed my footsteps
To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts,
And all around me , a voice was sounding:
[God blessed America for me.]

Was a high wall there that tried to stop me
A sign was painted said: Private Property,
But on the back side it didn't say nothing
[God blessed America for me.]

When the sun come shining, then I was strolling
In wheat fields waving and dust clouds rolling;
The voice was chanting as the fog was lifting:
[God blessed America for me.]

One bright sunny morning in the shadow of the steeple
By the Relief Office I saw my people
As they stood hungry, I stood there wondering if
[God blessed America for me.]


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Was a big high wall there that tried to stop me,
Was a great big sign that said, "Private Property,"
But on the other side, it didn't say nothing,
That side was made for you and me.

Nobody living can ever stop me,
As I go walking my freedom highway,
Nobody living can make me turn back,
This land was made for you and me.

Eddie Turney

Thanks comrade. As Brecht wrote:

There are men who struggle for a day and they are good.
There are men who struggle for a year and they are better.
There are men who struggle many years, and they are better still.
But there are those who struggle all their lives:
These are the indispensable ones.

Thanks Petw and Woody.

Eddie Turney

@Theo Russ After the uprising of the 17th June
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

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Douglas Daniel

I love how Pete slipped in the radical verses that get left out of most versions of the song. This is a great American song not because it sings the praises of the country and the people, but because in its full version it has the guts to call a spade a spade and tell us we're not all the way there yet.

Satan: The Ultimate Invisible Imaginary Boogeyman

@Tobias Javert. I see you. I’m from another dimension. Do you see me yet?

Elaine Marjette Barr

Because the song is about this land being your land and my land, the every man and every woman, the people that suffer, not the special. This land is for the ordinary everyday American, and we can’t forget their struggles if it truly is their land


Free and equal land for everyone. Go F the real estate agents and the rich.


@Thomas Watts a phony? How was he "phony"


@Thomas Watts he's human, and you're?

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My-Tastenworld. ch

Americans, this land is your land! Hopefully 4 better years than the last!

Janis Sauncy

JLo did a wonderful job with the two verses she sang. This song brings me to tears. I love it and sing it to my six-month-old granddaughter often. In fact, we were watching the inauguration together (she was on my lap) and when she heard JLo start singing it, she turned and smiled at me because she recognized it. Yes, my granddaughter is being raised with Woody Guthrie. My son sings Woody's "All You Fascists Bound to Lose" to her. Woody Guthrie: the original "antifa." I've also seen Arlo sing TLIYL in concert - twice.


@Kupokraft Yeah all the radical verses. They turned a pro-labor song into a perverse mockery. The next 4 years are going to be Hell.


They removed a bunch of verses from the Inauguration version hahahaha

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