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The Architecture of Melancholy
Peter Bjärgö Lyrics

Everyday I experience the death of the Sun.
And the ground that I stand upon caves in.

Everything I see turns to stone.
And the beating of my heart just stops.

I close my eyes and fall down to the ground,
and await for all to shut down,
so the pain will fade.
I close my eyes and wait for the numbness to set in,
and I embrace the stillness of eternal sleep.

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Comments from YouTube:

Thouraya Nedjar

Wonderfully beautiful...

Sirup See

This never gets old


I love music of Peter Bjargo

1890 Media

Great atmmosphere!

Ariston de Pella

Enamorado de tu musica

Tobias Tjärnbro

The correct answer is always: more reverb!

M. LePirate


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