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In Dracula AD 1972
by Peter Cushing

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Comments from YouTube:


I'd love to see the whole movie. I read that Peter Cushing's beloved wife died before they began filming. He was devastated and lost so much weight, that producers were shocked at how badly he had aged. He was to have played Stephanie Beacham's father, but they felt he looked to old so changed it and made him her grandfather instead.
I was lucky enough to meet the great Christopher Lee professionally in 2000. He was a charming, elegant man who made all heads turn when he entered a room - still very handsome in old age, and very tall! And what a beautiful, melodic voice he had. The actors of Lee. Cushing and Vincent Price's generation had such class and star quality.

The Fair Haired Boy With The Red Balloon

Aussie Girl - You are very lucky. I am a fan of them both but I have a real soft spot for Peter Cushing- A very underrated actor and by all accounts a lovely person too.

Aussie Girl

I met Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee many years ago they loved my Aussie accent it made my day


I know, great actors and gentlemen

Tom Hudnall

That LOOK that Lee gives as he remembers Van Helsing’s face. Pure hatred, then a thirst for vengeance. Lee was an absolutely unearthly talent.


Had an amazing screen presence even without much dialogue. Have you seen him as Saruman and The Mummy from the Hammer horror films? Great costuming there

Wolf Mountain

Since I was a "puppy" I always liked these movies and the unrivaled talent of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing ...don't make movies like that anymore ... and the music is true is not consistent with the movie is a typical 70's music '...

Count William Jannusch

I have watched this film about 60+ times in my life, maybe more. I own it on VHS and DVD. It is utterly awesome!!! I love it so much!


Oh it's so much fun to watch. Cushing and Lee were amazing classical actors, thank you for sharing!

Jackson Mustian

I love this movie!

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