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Slabo Day
Peter Green Lyrics

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Russell Cole

I've been obsessed with this track since it was released on "In The Skies" in 1978. A simple repeated chord progression that Green can stretch out on. That tone! I never tire of hearing this, and I can't stop listening to it this morning. Rest in peace Peter Green. (Oct. 29, 1946 - July 25, 2020)

Winston Smith

Me too. I have listened to this track thousands of times. I live in Melbourne and regularly fly to NZ, about 3 & 1/2 hours flight time. I often listen to this one song on repeat the whole way there and still don't get sick of it, slumped in my chair, eyes closed, smiling. I saw PG in melbourne years ago at The Espy, he looked buggered. I also listen to on endless repeat Neil Youngs "Change your Mind" (Complex Session directed by Jonathan Demme - Silence of the Lambs etc) - also a brilliant piece a long guitar playing. I find both these pieces very rhythmic and relaxing, ethereal even. Check out NY on YT - complex session.

J.W. Nieuwpoort

It's Snowy White who played the lead guitar. Peter Green is the rythmguitarist.


On this studio version of Slabo Day, Peter Green plays the rhythm guitar and this wonderful solo is actually Snowy White. Snowy is a very underappreciated musician, always in the shadow of greats like David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Green, Scott Gorham etc but he is amazing musician in his own right and every piece I ever heard him play is amazing.


@Russell Cole what about the album Penguin?

Carol Kelly


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Duane Berry

The best tonal sound in blues. RIP Mr Green.

Costandin Theodorou

5.13 minutes of great music that closing the eyes its like one second of music. It's never enough.


Thank you for sharing with us. I see that music from Peter Green is being appreciated all over the world. That's what You Tube is all about.

Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

never thought about you tube that way but yes this is and weed can unite the world

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