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Nadir's Big Chance
by Peter Hammill

I've been hanging around, waiting for my chance
to tell you what I think about the music that's gone down
to which you madly danced – frankly, you know that it stinks.
I'm gonna scream, gonna shout, gonna play my guitar
until your body's rigid and you see stars.

Look at all the jerks in their tinsel glitter suits
pansying around; look at all the nerks
in their leather platform boots, making with the heavy sound...
I'm gonna stamp on the stardust and scream 'til I'm ill –
if the guitar don't get ya, the drums will.

Now's my big break – let me up on the stage,
I'll show you what it's all about; enough of the fake,
bang your feet in a rage, tear down the walls and let us out!
We're more than mere morons, perpetually conned,
so come on everybody, smash the system with the song.
Come on everybody, smash the system with the song!

Smash the system with the song!

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Comments from YouTube:

John LaStrada

Incredible. Years before punk and this prog rocker is doing it already. He even created a character Nadir that emulates what was to come.

"I'm going to step on their stardust and scream until I'm ill..." (Glitter rockers). The drums and guitars are sooooo nasty.


Rob Halford, Screaaaaaaaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiing !!!

Gerry Berry

No wonder Johnny Rotten loves this album!


One of the greatest rock n roll/punk songs of all time

massimo marchesin

Album davvero notevole un capolavoro HAMMILL riesce ad unire due mondi musicali molto distanti apparentemente tra loro Eppure questo matrimonio funziona il prog ed il Punk qui convivono in maniera splendida


. en efecto !.. Peter.. pionero del punkprogressiverock. !! ,,😘

Sol Sunson

Classic Proto Glam Punk PH!!

Daniel Ivan



Protopunk ! 1 2 3 4!

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