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Peter King Lyrics

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Irkenc Hyka Prit pak pak vetem pak Duhet me bo kontakt Un ti, ti,…

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Star Eyes Star eyes, That to me is what your eyes are, Soft as…

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Comments from YouTube:


Found it! Love this song from the Turo commercial. Now time to find and learn the lyrics since I want to sing this song. Nigerian language, here I come!

Justice for Mike and Jayne #Justice for All.

We did the same thing! Exactly! Great sound/song😊

Raven Hill

The Turo commercial played every day at work and I tried my very best to find this song. Thank you Turo <3

Lovepeaceandsoulfull right on

Damn. I had to find this!!!!!!


Turo killed it on this commercial with this awesome track, Peter King-Ajo, and concept. Loved it. This track is Fire!!!

D Warren

That's just how I got it also!!


Next time use Shazam. Took less than 5 sec!

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Lola Olowu

As a Nigerian girl living in America I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard this song on an American TV Ad…a song in my native dialect Yoruba! Ajo means journey. The singer was homesick.
The singer was saying I am on a journey…On a journey I am please if you see my Mother/Father say me well to them…please extend my greetings to my Mother and Father back home!…Ajooooo~~~

Stephanie L.

Thank you for sharing the meaning!!

Stoggs Herfnik

Do you follow Amala Ekpanobi and her podcast on Pragar U?

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