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Phé Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Phé:

Call Me Crazy But I already know that I'm so ready So baby bring me…
Imma Do Me Bank Roll Chain Gold All a young nigga want to get right…
Mike Tyson Michael O.G Tyson I've got Hits Vicious yes I'm This Undisp…

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Comments from YouTube:


This song's been in my rotation for a while thanks to Spotify - had no idea it had a music video. This is one of the only "Everyone around me is fake" songs I can actually vibe with. There's an undercurrent of pain in this song that's done really well that keeps it all from feeling pretentious. Socialization is complicated and messy and I love how the lyrics are written to reflect that.

Also, WOW will I never get over how nice that first melody line in the chorus transitions. Great stuff

Gino T

Been listening to this for a while now thanks to my discover weekly Playlist on Spotify... One of my favorite songs ever, the most relatable lyrics, amazing beats and great vocals


✨Absolutely LOVE the song and the visuals are EPIC!! 🔥🚀💚


Just discovered this song on spotify and its been on repeat this summer! So good and can't wait to see what you put out next!


ayyyyyye thanks os much Dan! I've actually recently relaunched my artist project under a new name -- BXB LOVE. If you're curious, you can check out the new music here:



Yesssss that incorporation of afro dance vibes has me ready to goooooo

Asmita J.

Spotify recommended this song and it's been on repeat in my playlist since a few months. I had no idea it had an MV. One of the rare and actually relatable songs in a while. Love the vibe and the lyrics ♥️♥️♥️

Rose or Rosy

Heard this song live and it was amazing, you’re amazing!!! 😍


Aww thank you, I really appreciate your kind words xo


Sarah McLachlan sent me here. Well done, Phé! It sounds excellent, and the meaning is soooo relatable...and I love your dancing.

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