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Car Passing at Night Country Road in Maine
Philip Corner Lyrics

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Wieners McButts

OH MY GOD! That guy fell over a fence! I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT


The video of the goats walking up the dam wall that was mostly a straight vertical wall; that was most impressive to me..😳


Those Ibex defy gravity and the laws of physics. They are so cool.


Wow. Ellen actually has the nerve to tell someone to be a good person when she’s horrible to people


Wait a minute, hold on... Are you suggesting people are hypocritical??!! 😲


@Nick g True.

Nick g

That's what narcissists do.

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Just the fact that the robotic dolphin exists and common enough to viewed publicly is practically proof that more highly sophisticated robotic tech exists somewhere already, just imagine what some billionaires, corporations, and governments have stashed away around the world this very moment, or even better not stashed away at all but right in front of us and cant even tell

Dave M

Scott Sterling!! The man! The myth! The legend!!!

Shmueli R

Why I want 12 minutes of my life back

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