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Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet
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Johnny Mathis A time for us, some day there'll be When chains are…

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Elizabeth Voytko

What is a youth? Impetuous fire
What is a maid? Ice and desire
The world wags on

A rose will bloom
It then will fade
So does the youth
So does the fairest maid

Comes a time when one sweet smile
Has it's season for awhile
Then loves in love with me
Some may think only to marry
Others will tease and tarry
Mine is the very best parry
Cupid he rules us all
Caper the cape, but sing me the song
Death will come soon to hush a along
Sweeter then honey and bitter as gall
Love is the pastime that never will pall
Sweeter the honey and butter as gall
Cupid he rules us all

A rose will bloom
It then will fade
So does the youth
So does the fairest maid

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I'm here because i watched this in 9th grade English and fell in love with this song xD

Van peter

ME too lol


it’s been 4 years and I’m in 9th grade and we watched this today and I loved this song 💛💛

Dark Proffesional

Hahahah nice song for love



Blitz Kurtz

yehbuddy I like the music not the movie

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irem çalık

I don’t know why this music has such an impact on me. The moment I hear it I become the saddest person in the world

Alexander Auther

yes,I also have the same feeling with you!

jenny lu

irem çalık me too

Nazim Haciyev

Because that musics are part of our life,the development of our life, and finally the end of our life!!

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