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Dance on Time
Pien Feith Lyrics

I’ve got a ticket to ride
I’ve got a ticket to fly
I’ve got a ticket to run around
and I’m gonna give it a try

I am not just passing by
and my hands they are not tied
there is no one in my way
and only myself to fight

and even when I’m running blind
we’re not, we’re not behind
so come on let’s dance on time
like it's not running out

Let’s dance on time
Like it’s not running out
Let’s dance on time

It’s so simple you’d never guess
But we work and we never rest
But this time we aim for less
Cause simple is so often best
Like la, la, la ...

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Comments from YouTube:

Wiktoria Lukas

Love it!!! <3

madame crusoe

i love it !!!!!


Excellent !


ik vind het een onwijs gaaf nummer! vnd wel het tussenstuk wat lang(dradig), dat vind ik wat jammer. maar voor de rest erg lekker. ga zeker proberen naar de Supermarkt in Den Haag te komen. succes met alles!


wanneer komt de 15 minuten extended versie? :)


Très efficace !

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