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Holy Forest
Pinkshinyultrablast Lyrics

When I first saw you you were shy, shy and bright
The summer was boring but I knew we'd be alright
You called in the morning, we met almost at night
Biked through the forest, holy forest full of light

Hiding away now we don't know who we are
Wish we could stay there how come we grew apart
When you first saw me I was shy, shy and quiet
That summer was boring but we knew we'd be alright

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Comments from YouTube:

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

How are people still not talking about this band? People should be shouting their name from the rooftops. Only discovered them this month and I'm obsessed. They're like a juiced up Cocteau Twins!

Noah Bullock

@Nicolas Baranowski yeah any shoegaze that’s not from Britain or Japan gets immediately binned for no real reason

Nicolas Baranowski

May be it is due to the fact that bands from Russia find it more difficult to make themselves known internationally. Anyway,a big thank you to youtube.

Crimson Green

Yes! Cocteau Twins plus Lush, plus my Bloody Valentine plus Madder Rose, but modern with Math rock beats and it's just astoundingly gorgeous.

Ian Atkins

Totally agree 👍


The combination of this song and video just saved my life.



Hope ya'll have a lot of nice thing & thoughts to think about.

J Hart

4 years later.
Hoping you're well and far beyond.


I would never have expected this video to accompany the song, but it's perfect. It really catches the flavor of the audio.

Jason Felix

3.27 to 4.09 is absolutely transcendent.

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