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The Slopes Of The Blessure
Piotr Musiał Lyrics

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Lord Raiden

This is the only sountrack that made me go around the town, and enjoy the view without haste, as if I was drugged .. dominated by its magic

Edit*: something curious.. idk if is an easter egg or something,but when this started to play geralt said "nice tune"

Carr Lumen

He always says this in the small square in Toussaint, where the bards sing (where the tables are set, the flower garlands, people drinking and dancing), where the stage is :)


I noticed it too. I went to the man who sells wine and a bard was playing the wolven storm on a lute and geralt said it


tears me up every time, such an amazing game with so many memories 😭

Ernesto Miguel Credito

@David Hynek I guess I would say that I have kind of a deep appreciation of music regardless on where it was used... I do appreciate and love these kinds of instrumental music.

David Hynek

@Ernesto Miguel Credito Strange... I didn't believe that something like this was possible, I thought that the opinion on music is based on the opinion of the game.... Meaning, if I'd listen to soundtracks to a game I haven't played, I wouldn't like it that much imo
Also, play it. DLCs included


@Sahaj Inspiring? that depends. emotional? Yes! atleast for me it was. I haven't run into a game that made me enjoy the characters so much, I really wanted to get to know more about them, This is a very nice game


@Ernesto Miguel Credito please play it if you can! no game has come close to how it makes me feel!


@itsnyorf ??

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Marcin TV

I love Tousaint

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