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Silver Bath
Plastic Boy Lyrics

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This is the definitive trance club destroyer, I reckon. You have the obvious classics which to my mind are generally over played, over-rated and far too cheesy. Most of them sound cheap and dated. Silverbath on the other hand - it's dark, it's progressive, it's moody, it's techy, it's epic. It just oozes quality.

I know people always have their individual favourite tracks but I went to trance clubs for years and I can't think of a more well received fucking utter TUNE than this. 3 in the morning with everybody smashed on MDMA and this would get dropped. Everybody knew what was coming, and if you didn't, you would never forget.

That breakdown would have everybody on their friends shoulders, hands in the air, connecting in unrivalled beauty.ย 

All hail the king of trance, I say.


Amen, the good old days <3

Jordan J. Caron

@Trancedd I can attest to this!! Tiesto dropped this when I saw him at the Commodore ballroom in 2002. Listening to this now and I'm tearing up as it reminded me of how amazing that night.


@A Succulent Chinese Meal house djs have been playing trance trance to huge acclaim for the last few years.

Jay Osborne

Epic is the word, my friend.


@Yves Mommens
You mean Mike Dierickx. Yes, he was born as dirk, but he changed his name in 2000 to mike.

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Cuan Wood

One of the best Trance Tracks produced in that era. Timeless.


For sure

John Roberts

Totally agreed. Been in a few fucking messes with this in my head lol โ˜ ๐Ÿฅณ

Alan Corns


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