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The Four Of Us Are Dying
by Platypus Egg

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Horror Show Cant stand to be around my friends on days like…
Jex Thoth Set forth Set forth Demons that dwell They dwell They fo…

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Comments from YouTube:

Meaghan Curley

ha see this is why we get along so well! its because i love demented unknown bands!!! look at my fav.rise against (well they USED to be unknown) damn the radio :(

Meaghan Curley

a simple yet awesome video!!!!!!! i love it hobo you have uber music taste!!!!

jacob maheu

anyone know where i can buy/download this stuff?i think i might be hooked

Meaghan Curley

anything pretty much amuses me so im gonna look into this

Meaghan Curley

taunting of any existance is always a good DVH by the way pinata name


This song pwns.


Very nice song. Kind of scars me inside and may never go away, but nowhere NEAR as badly as Sons of Mr. Spanky, but 5/5 on both songs as they taunt my very being of existance :P (That's a very GOOD thing by the way lol)

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