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Pluto Jonze Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Eject' by these artists:

Chris Yonge Right now I'm not giving a fuck Living outside, stuck in…
Dead Astronauts Eject My heart I'll load it up from yours Eject My soul I'll…
Senser You can sue me for malpractice every single time I jack…
SØREN & s.g.cackle I'll save myself the gigabytes And wipe you off my system Yo…
The Brew Get all the worry inside my head More than just a…
Trouble Over Tokyo I've been looking up at the ceiling Thinking how I can…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Pluto Jonze:

Wear Purple At My Funeral Wear purple at my funeral Come funky to my funeral House par…

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Comments from YouTube:


dude i cannot stop singing this song i love it so much. would love to include it in some of my videos. take care pluto, all the best for the future!!


I just wanted you to know, that 7 years on this is still one of my favourite songs. Thank you! :)

Pluto Jonze

Thanks that means a lot

Brendan Spinks

This has been my alarm tone for the last 7 years because I had to leave it out of my top 10 and it has haunted me ever since. Ripper of a tune 👌👌


I cannot stop tapping my feet and swinging my head when I hear this. I love the play on the 12 bar blues with the piano and guitar. Effing Awesome

JOsh G

Love the song, love the message, and love the video! Its so hard to find good Australian bands here in the U.S.

Mat English

Loving this song, so catchy, cant get it out of my head


groovy dude, sounds good, heard it on Triple J first time today, love the lyrics as well, and the old school stuff, reminds me of my childhood. :)

Glen Havard

Actually turned off the radio for minute to watch this video after I heard it for the first time

Pluto Jonze

Thanks Mick! So awesome that 2 generations can dig my song. Hey if Eject makes hottest 100 it will be my first time, and I have vowed to eat my shoe (not yet sure how this is gonna work, but it's a PROMISE). So if you wanna see that - get your and your daughter's pals on the vote as well. Happy listening man!

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