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Stoop down baby
Popa Chubby Lyrics

Stoop down baby
lay your love down low
I said stoop down baby
lay your love down low
got no need for talkin no how
ain't nowhere to go

Stoop down baby
got to give your love to me (give it to me)
Stoop down baby
give your love to me
when you walk that way
it's clear to say
you make me happy as can be

Stoop down baby
we got to lay it on the line
I said stoop down baby
we got to lay it on the line
cause I'm evil for your lovin'
and I love your fat behind

yeah yeah
I said baby... ect..

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Comments from YouTube:


He's a good a guitarist and singer as the "popular guitar heroes" and his tone is awesome. Good job Popa Keep on Funkin'! :)


I have to add to crayheads post that those camera views at the 5min mark are just too funny! :D


If I were to describe this in one word it would be "outstanding". This man is highly skillful on the ax. In my opinion he is in the Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Santana category. He is so fluid. This guy is of extreme intelligence. I am so dam happy to have found about him. Love this music!

Jérôme jéjé

KirkSH52 i do agree

Tom Stephens

A truly awesome beast , with a great band . Deserves to be much better known .


L'un des plus grand guitariste au monde, dans la lignée des Hendrix, Clapton et Vaughan !!!

Yaron Chitayat

Amazing! I love his playing, fresh chops, very rockish but still blues.

Thomas Wortelboer

he's a good man, i've met him in dordrecht at the big rivers festival. it was after his show.

Ron Korzeniewski Jr.

Big Man Jams!! ***** Truly blessed musician! ~~~Peace~~~

Remco Leenaars

Cant wait to him live this Friday.

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