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New Tribe
Powder Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Powder:

Bite My Tongue Thought I knew you really well pretty good So why is…
Christmas Don't Be Late Christmas, Christmas time is near Time for toys and time for…
Fly on the Wall I like watching you while your ignoring me Your exactly wha…
Go Monday. . . I'm a racist Tuesday. . . I'm a thief Wednes…
I ずっと気になってたリトグラフ 無理して買ったのは何故かしら エキストラみたいな人ごみの中 邪魔になりながらも抱えてる A…
Losing You I'm partly happy and part confused I've been a victim but…
Monger You stupid twit. Well I fail to see the humor…
Need a Little Help Hurray, another one of those days when I can't get myself…
Red I don't wanna wear red I just wanna be a big…
Seat of My Pants I'm never here I'm never there I'm never anywhere Kinda f…
Sonic Machine Higher than a kite I fly, forever (ever) Like a diamond…
Up Here Everybody want a mother and a father Everybody need a…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


According to AC-Bu

👉Real name of the artist is Momoko (桃子), literally meaning "Peach girl".

👉She really quit her office job to devote herself to DJ activity just before publishing this song.

👉Momoko 's autobiography is the motif of this video.

Additionally, their fans have pointed out following:
👉You may find a policeman at 1:52. He also presented in "GAL-O SENGEN" video. He, NIKKAPOKKA, is a DJ and friend of Momoko.

All comments from YouTube:


this legit helped me quit my old job and get my new job, thanks powder and AC-bu

Robert Cop

It's like someone really good at art tried to make something awful, but it turned out amazing.


PilotRedSun is like that too
Also makes great, weird music

Apple Juice

I mean they met at art school


in nhk's "anime supernova" they actually said that themself. "we purposely made it look bad so it draws people's attention" -AC部


Honestly I'd love to see this style of animation in a movie!


@beebs these people worked on pop team epic!

9 More Replies...


Totally ready for an entire movie in this style

NoLove DeepWebbb

@MilkDestroyer Came here agan just to confirm that bcs i just started watching Poputepipikku and inmediatly thought abt this video


Mind Game (2004)

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