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The Interworld And The New Innocence
Praxis Lyrics

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"The Interworld And The New Innocence" , by Raoul Vaneigem:

"On the fringes of uneasy subjectivity the canker of power eats away. There thrives undying hate, the demons of revenge, the tyranny of envy, the rancour of frustrated desire. It may be a marginal infection, but it threatens every side; an interworld.

"The interworld is the no-man's land of subjectivity. Its borders tremble with the fundamental cruelty of cop and rebel, oppression and the poetry of revolt. Halfway between its recuperation by the spectacle and its revolutionary use, the dreamer's extra-space-time spawns monstrous creations after the image of his own desires and that of power. The increasing poverty of daily life has turned into a sort of public amenity suitable for every kind of investigation, an open battlefield between creative spontaneity and what corrupts it.....

"The bloody dawn of riots doesn't dissolve the monstrous creatures of the night. It clothes them in light and fire, and scatters them through towns and across the countryside. The new innocence is baleful dreams come true. Subjectivity only constructs itself by destroying what hampers it, and the violence necessary to this end is drawn from the interworld. The new innocence is the lucid construction of annihilation....

"The most peaceful of men are full of bloody dreams. .... In the barbarity of riots, the arson, the popular savagery, the excesses that terrify bourgeois historians, we find exactly the right vaccine against the cold atrocity of the forces of order and hierarchical oppression.

"In the new innocence, the interworld suddenly erupts and submerges oppressive structures. The game of nothing-but violence is engulfed by the everything-and violence of the revolutionary game.

"The shock of freedom works miracles. Nothing can resist it, neither mental illness, remorse, guilt, the feeling of powerlessness, nor the brutalisation created by the environment of power. .... The most coherent explosion of anger has a great chance of being a general uprising.

"Three thousand years of living in the shadows can't withstand ten days of revolutionary violence. The reconstruction of society will simultaneously reconstruct everyone's unconscious.

"The revolution of everyday life will blot out ideas of justice, punishment and torture, which are notions dependent on exchange and fragmentation. We don't want to be judges, but, by destroying slavery, masters without slaves recovering a new innocence and gracefulness in living. We have to destroy the enemy, not judge him....

"The new innocence entails destroying an order of things that has always tried to pin down the art of living and which today is threatening what remains of authentically lived experience. I don't need reasons to defend my freedom."

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Rocky Largejeans

4:48 - Up & down my spine....for over 20 years. RIP Bernie. Long live Buckethead, Brain, Bill, Bootsy - and thank you for the best piece of music ever x .


The little scratches on the strings remind me of seagulls. Takes me back to living on the coast. I feel the wind in my hair and smell the salt. This song has always brought me peace.


Negative ions are abundant in nature, especially around waterfalls, on the ocean surf, at the beach and widespread in mountains and forests. They neutralize free radicals.It seems that it also puts us at peace spiritually. You must return to the coast if you feel it calling you.


This song always gives me the feeling that I should be off to a place that I would love to be and move between possibilities without any fear, even risk being delusional... Like I am constantly changing anyways. Hard to explain but It comforts you at the same time since if you can be pure at heart, all this madness will workout in the end.


I feel this song crushing me into another realm, another existance. The second half makes me want to end my possibilities of living any further on this speck of dirt.

Stefan C

i understand you perfectly,for me it shows the clarity , what the deadly ilusion of fear can do and we shoudlnt follow it.

Adam Bishop

from the soulful beginning to the uplifting ending, without a doubt the best song ever!!!


I always feel at peace when I listen to this. This is beautiful.

David Heywood

This song evokes so many feelings. It's really something special.


This is my initial introduction to Praxis... hearing their music for the first time right now, though I've heard their name (and their members) for years now. If only I'd known what I've been missing...

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