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Promenade au Fond d'un Canal
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RIP Roger Trigaux. Thanks!


Class act. Some of the most morbid music out there, but the dynamic compositions and creative energy really makes this something unique. This and 'Le Poison' are still among my favorite albums ever. The remasters were brilliant!

Philippe Cirse

@DrJonAngus No sir, Peter Hammill is guitarist and pianist ...


@Snupps Synth channel Thanks! I'll try to find that albums)

Snupps Synth channel

@VicRattlehead86 Check out the swizz prog band Island with the album pictures from 1977, and also Magma with the piece De futura.


VicRattlehead86 You might enjoy Van Der Graaf Generator, as well. They fall on the darker, heavier side of Prog with the likes of King Crimson, but do not have a guitar player.


35april I'm mostly into metal, but this instantly catched my attention. It's the most heavy and morbid music ever written without distorted guitars! Absolutely love first two albums, they're beyond imagination.

raul maniccia

That's rock in opposition!!

Musa Tebi

@Uwe Boll like your nick name postal was crazy.

Musa Tebi

I think more avantgarde classical music

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