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People Who Mattered
Press Return Lyrics

This may seem invasive
But I'd be more persuasive if I could find the words
And if you say feeling is first, what's your excuse?
I've been trying to communicate
Everything I want to say but
Pay, pay, some attention ‘cause
Darling, this song is not for you

This is me
Stripped down and dragged out
These six strings and these vocal chords
She is the nightlife from the flashbulbs to the centerfolds

Let me know you recognize
What I'm trying to do
And while you're at it
I'll change the syntax of my sentences
Because this I think is no parenthesis
Trust me don't cross me today
Because you'll be kissing pistols quicker
Than I'm willing to risk

This is me….x3

Was it worth it?
(I'm the desolate)
Was it truthful?
(Am I different?)
Maybe I'm too desperate
Honey, slow down and savor it

Just turn honey and smile for the cameras
Everyone is watching
Isn't that what you wanted!?

Honey, slow down and savor it

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