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Foul Taste of Freedom
Pro-Pain Lyrics

Young, dumb and helpless, in the states
You say you ain't got no money, I can relate
I lost my job and my house and my, piece of mind
We're in the deepest depression of, modern time

A thousand points of light shinin', in my face
Eyes are blinded by a can of Republican mace
Shinin' seas of starving people are the, unemployed
Stars and stripes are rubber checks, null and void

We are the red, white and blue that you bleed
We have the right to survive and succeed
Worthless and weak is "be all you can be"
Democracy leaves a foul taste of freedom in me

Budget cuts and tax hikes, crush the land
Of plenty, see the weak die by gods hand
If you're proud of your country then you're probably rich
But if you're fed up you better piss, moan and bitch
Yankee doodle dickweed went to town
Apple pie and Chevrolet shot him down
A patriotic, fatheaded, sucker, freak
Is proud to serve the country that had served him weak..

Written by: GARY MESKIL

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* Band : PRO-PAIN
* Album : "Foul Taste Of Freedom"
* Copyright : 1992 Energy Records/ Roadrunner Records
* Genre : Thrashcore
* Origin : New York, NY, USA
* Years Active : 1991 - Now (still active)
* Producer, Recording & Mixing : Alex Perialas
* Engineering : Rob Hunter
* Mastering : Tom Coyne at Hit Factory Mastering, New York, NY, USA
* Artwork, Art Direction & Design : Ioannis Vassilopoulos
* Art Direction & Design : Liz Vap
* Photography : Mark Weiss
* Recorded & Mixed at Pyramid Sound Studios, Ithaca, NY, USA
* PRO-PAIN are :
1. Gary Meskill (Vox & Bass)
2. Mark Mays (Lead Guitars)
3. Tom Klimchuck (Rhythm Guitars)
4. Dan Richardson (Drums)

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Ricky Rust

brings me back to old school shit im 40 and still love all this madness awrr!!


now youre 45 lol but hey right there wit ya turning 40 soon and still rocking this shit


no matter how old u feel .... pro pain rocks !!! isso

joseph rausa

For real, it don't matter how old you are. This shit rocked back then and it still does today. It's timeless just like us 40 somethingers.

asocial mike

+Ricky Rust I'm 43 and i'm just ordered reissue of this album and The Truth Hurts on vinyl from SPV Records:))

daniel meulendijks

im 42 fucking cool

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Diego Nedelcu

This album is a gem! Heavy, agressive, raw yet with so much groove you can dance to it!

Stacke'y Nance



For me is a best group of HARDCORE !!!


@Diego Nedelcu sooner or later, we all see who the prophet is

I hope so too

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