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Proof Lyrics

Big Proof, rest in peace dudey, we love you
We just wanna keep makin' you proud, heh

My life is trapped in these lines
That's why I'm packin' these nines
I got a rap I ain't dyin'
That's in the back of my mind
Got a strap made of iron
Can't relax on this grind
Bendin' over backwards for these slackers
'Til I'm snappin' my spine
Natural high, I gotta focus
On these bogus poachers
Lookin' over my shoulder
Proof get it poppin' like show'd a hold up

We nothin' but soldiers!

Slow up!

This gun is loaded!

Roll up!

They beef 'n we leavin' 'em coked up!

If Em say it I spray it
If he will it I kill it
We kilpatrick 'n ill it
Yo Detroit, know I can feel it
Will at this gun on my waist-line
At war we don't waste time
Blow up magic can't take a punch
And Fifty can take nine, BLAOW!
We got schoolcraft here at the Seven-eight and Dexter
I'm up 'n holla spendin' dollas ain't feelin' no pressure
Yes suh', ya texta' is bitch
Bet'chya ya flinch when Proof shoot up they crew
And wet ya whole clique

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My life is trapped in these lines,
That's why i'm packing these nines,
I gotta rap, I ain't dying,
That's in the back of my mind,
Got a strap made of iron,
Can't relax on this grind,
Bending over backwards for these slackers,
Til i'm snapping my spine,
Natural high, I gotta focus,
On these bogus poachers,
Looking over my shoulder,
Proof get it popping like soda,
Hold up,
"We nothing but soldiers,"
Slow up,
"This gun is loaded,"
Roll up,
"They beef and we leaving them coked up!"
If Em say it, I spray it, if he will it, I kill it,
We Kilpatrick and Ilich of Detroit, know I can feel it,
Real as this gun on my waistline,
In war we don't waste time,
Ja's mad he can't take a punch,
And 50 can take 9,
We got Schoolcraft here at the 7,8 and Dexter,
I'm up in Hollis spending dollars, ain't feeling no pressure,
Yes sir, your texture is bitch,
Betcha you flinch,
When Proof shoot up the coupe,
And wet your whole clique,
Fuck it, who's next on this shit?
This is breakfast to bits,
When you're breathless and stiff,
And slugs exit your wig,
Youll be next to B.I.G. / Pac,
It's destiny kid,
Before your lid gets popped,
Stop testing me bitch!

Homie you think you tough? (What?)
Think we won't fuck you up? (Punk!)
Even the innocent get pistol whipped, By this pistol grip (Pump!)
Talking shit, you drunk? (What!)
Think I won't won't fuck you up? (Punk!)
We both deep, I ain't scared, and I don't give a fuck, (Jump!)

I don't feel no games, homie don't even try it,
We ain't bowing down to no one, we gon' start a riot,
Heart of fire, soul of ice, roll the dice,
See what you get? No advice,
I sold my life, I ain't leaving this bitch,
I'm a man, i'm holding my ground,
Unloading these rounds,
At any clown approaching my crown,
I'm a king, but grimy,
Nothing but killers seen behind me,
I'm a bully fully cause your team is tiny,
If I was to crush 'em,
God can't sell you Bibles, it's nothing!
This rifle i'm clutching to leave you stifled on crutches,
I fight for my cousins that ain't even related,
Even I stated,
Now from life i'll leave you bleeding and faded,
Hating ain't in my nature,
I'm clappin' and clackin' your cap,
And smacking faggots and actors,
And rapping with platinum status,
Your lips flappin' - i'm slappin' them backwards,
Half of these rappers status just shatters,
Knowing that Proof and the Mathers gathered,
An army in Shady bandanas,
After us the game is won,
Who ran at us get plain fashioned brain damage,
The name that some forgot - D12,
It ain't hard to feel, guard your grill, it's real.

Homie you think you tough? (What?)
Think we won't fuck you up? (Punk!)
Even the innocent get pistol whipped, By this pistol grip (Pump!)
Talking shit, you drunk? (What!)
Think I won't won't fuck you up? (Punk!)
We both deep, I ain't scared, and I don't give a fuck, (Jump!)

R.I.P. Big Proof.

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i always find it upsetting how 11 years on nearly, proof has been forgotten by so many, cant even find his shit on the internet now days, much love proof, rip, still keeping u alive up in here!!!!!!

Turtle_ Eggs

@Biden Harris 2 more years still here

Billey JD

Proof is king!!! I got all his albums.

Lone Wolf

@Young RewindZ, of course they do, i bump that shit myself.And if proof was still here yea he'd make music with EM. But he wouldn't be known to the 🌎 if wasn't for EM's magic.Go back and listen some the shit he speaks about EM he knew it from day 1.

Lone Wolf

@Young RewindZ, As much as i like proof and how he's a legend in Detroit and everything he did for the hip hop community there.Sorry fam Proof didn't have that it Factor.He might of been cool as a local Detroit Rapper but doubt he'd be known world wide by his self.But it's cool it's all Luv.

Lone Wolf

It's because there's not that much material out that proof did. Most is with D12 cause he only made 1 record on his own.Proof was smart, since day 1 He seen something special in Eminem.So his main focus was Eminem and not his self.He probably knew he didn't have the sound people was looking for and wasn't gonna make it that Big.So to reach his dream and rap's all he had to escape.He did anything to make his destiny tru. He knew how to market Em and D12 was just a oppurtunity for the homies, Detroit's so called best to shine and live the dream with Em & proof. Respect wat that man did for his fam.Still no justification for proofs murder.

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obi wan

i wish proof was still alive


@Ryan Albino lil wayne and drake sounds like robots

Nicholas Ferrantone

EndOfTheNight are u fucking stupid???! It’s called influence. Look at the influence that people like drake and lil Wayne have been having on the rap game. Are you saying that people don’t make a difference? Are u saying that rappers like big and pac would have had no influence on the rap game if they were still alive? Cause if this what your saying you are dumb. Anyone can influence anything.


@Ryan Albino Couple people doesn't make any fucking difference. people who say rap game would be different if pac biggie pun big l proof and every dead rapper now would be alive are just dumb af.

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