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Proof Lyrics

Big Proof
Rest in peace dudey, we love you
We just wanna keep makin' you proud, heh

(Proof) my life is trapped in these lines
That's why I'm packin' these nines
I gotta rap, I ain't dyin'
That's in the back of my mind
Got a strap made of iron
Can't relax on this grind
Bendin' over backwards for these slackers
'Til I'm snappin' my spine
Natural high, I gotta focus (focus)
On these bogus poachers
Lookin' over my shoulder
Proof get it poppin' like soda, hold up

(We nothin' but soldiers) slow up
(This gun is loaded) roll up
They beef and we leavin' 'em coked up

If Em say it, I spray it
If he will it, I kill it
We kilpatrick and Ilitch of Detroit, y'all can feel it
Real as this gun on my waistline
At war we don't waste time (woo)
Lord, man, he can't take a punch
And Fifty can take nine (blaow)
We got school crap here at the 7, 8, and Dexter
I'm up in Hollis spendin' dollars, ain't feelin' no pressure
Yes sir, your texture is bitch, betcha you flinch
When Proof shoot up that coup and wet your whole clique

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: De Shaun Dupree Holton, Marshall Mathers

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Comments from YouTube:


Just throwing this out there into the ether: Proof isn't forgotten. There are thousands of people like me who come back to proof's songs and comment nothing. What is there to say? Nothing, except to say he lives on through us, never doubt it.

The War Damaged Cyberman

@Bombay Jay I wasn't far off lol.

Ja did take a punch from 50 thought. Apparently Ja wore sunglasses because he didn't want people seeing his black eye.

Bombay Jay

@The War Damaged Cyberman he actuallysays “Ja’s mad he can’t take a punch & 50 can take 9”

juan cruz

@lewis jones 9l


lewis jones


The War Damaged Cyberman

Ja can take a punch, 50 can take 9

~Proof 🔥 🔥 🔥


i always find it upsetting how 11 years on nearly, proof has been forgotten by so many, cant even find his shit on the internet now days, much love proof, rip, still keeping u alive up in here!!!!!!



lewis jones

i hope u havent forgotten about him 4 years down the line

Jayel De Silva 1S

@tib khan
He also metioned him in Cinderella man

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