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Waltz of the Flowers
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky:

1812 Overture Under that apple suckling tree, oh yeah, under that apple…
1812 Overture Op. 49 Under that apple suckling tree, oh yeah, under that apple…
1812 Overture Op.49 Under that apple suckling tree, oh yeah, under that apple…
Overture Captain Walker Didn't come home. His unborn child Will ne…

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Not sure how into classical music you are or if this is up your alley, but might I recommend some Mahler?
Some nice starter pieces:
Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen -
Adagietto from Symphony 5 -

Or if you're looking for something specifically about death:
Movement 4 of Symphony 9 -

The last piece is long, but if you're in a patient mood, I really recommend setting some time aside for it. If you like it, try the entire symphony! If not, that's alright too. Let me know what you thought of these, though!


december 2020, 11:41 pm est
this song is still so legendary, even now
many people with think that 2021 will be better than 2020 but i know truly that all years nowadays are “the worst year”
i know i’m only 12 but this strong still gives me a feeling of both a large future and a large past, like a dance in and of the wind, containing movements not of the dancer’s will, but simply the flow of the unpredictable wind
maybe one day when i’m an adult some other kid will find this comment and make a similar comment, to tell me that this memory still exists even if i’ve forgotten it
maybe even after my death someone the same age as me now will find this
it’s my time capsule of the internet, my message to the future generations, as the current “new” generation
even if you’re not my age some many years in the future, i want you to use my analogy for this song to express something going on in the world, your family, maybe even yourself, just anything in general
i want this to be a place to freely express emotions so i wish for you to do as such

Truth Keeper Films

@Sommer - Thank you for the response. Well understandable.. sexual immorality has grown a whole lot in the church because people have been compromising little by little. The more immorality sin, the more your innocence erodes away. You know the first time someone sins in that sense, they panic because in themselves they say "How could have I done this!?" to eventually, they do it and it no longer affects them. In fact, most of the time they made excuses why they do it.

My father was one of those extremists.. everyone else was a super sinner while he was righteous in his own eyes... aka prideful. Growing up, this extremism pushed me away too and I went into the world. I drank, was sexually immoral and so much more. The thing is, I always felt guilty and honestly as much as I tried to be part of the world I always felt like I didn't belong. It wasn't the fear of hell and damnation that my father threatened me with, but it was the love of God. I felt like I was betraying Him.

I'd go to some parks with my passed best friend.. we'd talk about certain worldly things yet my mind was never concentrated. I'd look up at the stars and I felt something inside calling me. I couldn't fill that void with anything and trust me I tried. I remember at a point in my life when my friendships started getting shaky, I said to myself "if I didn't have worldly friends, I'd give me life to Christ"... and because He knows the thoughts of our minds, it fulfilled within 2 weeks of me making that sober, conscious, and serious commitment. Within a week, a situation happened where I had a fallout with my friends and I was alone...

Yet in my brokenness of being alone, that's where Jesus shined. I no longer conditioned Him or my relationship with Christ because of people, neither my upbringing nor those around me. I no longer live in the world, or like the world and not because the fear of hell but because the love I have for Christ and the love He had for me, and you, and literally everyone. I look at John 3:16 as the ultimate testament of love, the greatest act of love from the creator to His creation. And because of that love, I chose to look up, deny the temptations of sin and do my best to remain clean, yet I still have times where I am weak. That's why I can't judge anyone but nor can I live contrary to the Bible.

What it comes down to is love. Jesus said without love, everything is in vein. You see its love that changes a person. That love changes someone from living a certain way into a way that Christ wants of us.

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Femme Funtime

The biggest problem with classical music is when you forget the name of the song and can’t just google lyrics
“Yeah, it had that really good bit with the flute” google can’t help you there

Zineb Saidoune

Exatly its either u catch the title or u forget about it


yeah. i know most classical songs but i can never tell you the name of any of them.

Ellen Reid


kzm ykb

You made me laugh so hard, thank u, have a nice day


@Aditi Pandey cool :0

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TheVideo Commenter

"I wonder what he saw. What his world was like..."


Sad and depressing, he had to live in a closet his whole life, being gay in russia before was very much illegal. He even married someone and divorced them some weeks after, this was to stop rumours about his love life. It must have been tough.

Raelynn Richardson



This song was literally about the flowers in his garden

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