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Time Is the Enemy
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Good Karm

U can read this : up and down ~~~ AND ~~~side to side:
all verb and noun!

Lost in time ~~~ Found in time
Time stands still ~~~ Time moves on
Still is the night ~~~ On with the show
Night comes quick ~~~ Show me the way
Quick as a flash ~~~ Wayward the wind
Flash before my eyes ~~~ Wind under wings
Eyes see everything ~~~ Wings for the journey
Everything gone green ~~~ Journeyman's dream
Green blades of grass ~~~ Dream still turning
Grass in the wind ~~~ Turning to paint
Wind blows strong ~~~ Paint all the colors
Strong as life ~~~ Colors of life
Life untouched ~~~ Life that unfolds
Untouched with time ~~~ Unfolds with time
Time stands still ~~~ Time is found
Still lost in time ~~~ Found in time

WHAT I'M DOING WITH MY LIFE : Free Spirited and Living in the Moment :) 123K

Desert Highways

So here I am again, still alive and feeling strong. In a month or so I'll be 75. Hard to believe but that's the reality and I'm ok with it. I'm picking guitar again, singing again, composing music, doing whatever I can to help others. I appreciate every day, and if today is my last day, it's ok. I'm grateful for those who helped me beat my cancer and get strong again. I've put up 8 or 9 music videos in the past couple of months, today I spent two hours making up flower arrangements for my amazing physical therapist miss Stephanie, and my wonderful oncologist, Ms Jaspreet Chahal. and for my PCP Sylvia who saved me a year ago by insisting I go to the ER right away (and if I hadn't gone I wouldn't be sitting here writing this.
I don't believe that time is the enemy. Without time, or as Einstein might view it, "spacetime" there would be nothing at all. we all were born into the flow of time, as if in a river. As the very young we were so very open to everyone and everything, we could hold so much LIFE, and it was almost boundless. But as we grew we learned (or were taught) that we must avoid this one, embrace that one, fear people from here or there, and accept only certain ones, certain groups, and so we reach adulthood we could only hold a fraction of the life we once did.
If you visit every country in this old world you will find people are basically the same, and they all want the same things, to be sheltered, to have food, to be happy, to love and be loved.
Some woman sent me an email and asked, "how can life be an adventure for me when everything is so screwed up with the world? " Of course the answer to that is easy. Make your adventure doing what you can in your own small way to CHANGE things for the better. The adventure for all of us is right in front of our noses, isn't it?
How do you want to be remembered? As part of the problems, or part of the solution?
I wrote this little zen like piece a few weeks ago.

Farming in the old way
Inspiring others with my songs
tending to my needs and to those I know
confronting needless wars and the deaths
of my brothers and sisters,
standing fast and tall against hatred and injustice
If I live another 100 years,,
I will never get tired of my life!

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Desert Highways

Time waits for no one. It seems like a month ago that I was 33 with most of my life ahead of me. I'm 73 now. On my final chapter. There were so many things I wanted to, to be, as a young man but kept putting them off. There's always tomorror or next week, but for those of you who are young, there is only now. Seize the moment. Don't end up regretting that you never really tried. Life is fragile, transient, and we never really know when our number runs out, Keep your loved ones close.
And so now it's May of 2020. I'm still alive and although I almost died back in August of 2019 of stage IV kidney failure, and the was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, I'm not only alive, but very much committed to making each and every day an ADVENTURE. And for everyone here who has commented, I want you to do the same. I don't want to hear excuses for doing nothing. Here are the words of Helen Keller: "Either life is a fantastic adventure, or it is nothing." So what do you want your life to be? And here is a quote from the 19th century German philosopher Nietzsche: "Live dangerously," and "be prepared to set forth on uncharged seas with cunning sails."
Take risks, try new things and figure out how to do them as best you can.
Visit my NEW video on living fully and engaged.
I want to know just what you're doing. email me at beattie3085 - geemail. At least do that!

Desert Highways

@keon medina That's good, Keon. I'm glad my comment influenced you to begin a different path. You won't regret that.

keon medina

I want you to know I saw this comment a few weeks ago & this really motivated to start doing things in life I really want to do & stop worrying about money. Thank you.

frog snott

Man I just turned 18 a few months ago, I'm just barely starting the rest of my life. Hope you're doing okay and living the best life you can in these troubling times.


I am 33 and that hit very hard. God bless you sir.

Egg Man

Wow man, that was rough, but real. Thanks for your wise words

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Ron Merchant

I'm 58. I have had 4 heart surgeries. I'm happy to be here.


@- Raes - my friend got the same problem too...


Glad you are still with us Ron

Ron Merchant

@Acci Thank you.

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