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Time Is the Enemy
Quantic Lyrics

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Desert Highways

Time waits for no one. It seems like a month ago that I was 33 with most of my life ahead of me. I'm 73 now. On my final chapter. There were so many things I wanted to, to be, as a young man but kept putting them off. There's always tomorror or next week, but for those of you who are young, there is only now. Seize the moment. Don't end up regretting that you never really tried. Life is fragile, transient, and we never really know when our number runs out, Keep your loved ones close.
And so now it's May of 2020. I'm still alive and although I almost died back in August of 2019 of stage IV kidney failure, and the was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, I'm not only alive, but very much committed to making each and every day an ADVENTURE. And for everyone here who has commented, I want you to do the same. I don't want to hear excuses for doing nothing. Here are the words of Helen Keller: "Either life is a fantastic adventure, or it is nothing." So what do you want your life to be? And here is a quote from the 19th century German philosopher Nietzsche: "Live dangerously," and "be prepared to set forth on uncharged seas with cunning sails."
Take risks, try new things and figure out how to do them as best you can.
Visit my NEW video on living fully and engaged.
I want to know just what you're doing. email me at beattie3085 - geemail. At least do that!

Martine Vandenbroeck

🥰❤ thank you for these words!

Desert Highways

@Lyri Metacurl keep trying do you think life is supposed to be easy look at the issues from a different angle stand outside the box be creative about it and above all believe in yourself!!

Lyri Metacurl

I tried and risked but failed anyway. I have deadlines for stuff.

At least I know for sure that I didn't have a chance.

marisol araiza

@güneş Tekten lunchtime doubly so

Desert Highways

@d00bZubElEk don't take the advice if you don't like it

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Ron Merchant

I'm 58. I have had 4 heart surgeries. I'm happy to be here.

Ethan Starr

Aye are you still here ?

Drew Cyprus

@415 Er what's up?


Stay strong!!

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