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Tripical Moon
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I have Cancer which in turn causes extreme anxiety, but when I listen to tracks like this it takes me somewhere else and makes me feel calm

Christy Cullen

If you see this I hope with everything I have you're still here

Matheus Magalhães

Pass auf dich auf Genosse !! Diese Lieder mit L$D du werde Reise !!!

Rudra Shekatkar

Get well soon may man. Or do everything if you know you're not gonna make it... Live it to fullest


Hello bto


@Michael D i love ya , ur same like me braaaaaaataaaaaaaaaan , ya a legen;D 🤟🙏🈳️🤗😇😶‍🌫️💓🥳🤠😍🥰👁🙏🧿❤️‍🔥〽️☯️☻️➿️💯❤️🤲❣️✋️🆓️

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Dayane Vanderlei

Cadê os brasileiros ? Viva o trance !! Viva !! Gratidão !! 🙏🏼

Wesley Pereira

24.12.2022 BR🤙🙏

Dawn Nascimento

Aqui temmmm

Luiz Fernando

Sonzera 🤖✨ Revigorante!!!!

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