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Rïcïnn Lyrics

Ha u don li
Ha lie sa lie to
Leta lie so lae
Ha lien ento
Ajace in ru
En in fiuta sor
Len mi udo
Canta yade
Fonto u tae
Canta yade
Ili udi on tae
We are living the last days
Of all sufferings
We are deep and all we are
Doing is love
We are human

Contributed by Jasmine E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


So haunting! I love dark music that isn't just 'evil' but truly dark.


This is truly beautiful. Laure le Prunenec strikes again.... I love her.


Ok I'm totally going to buy this !
Et bravo à toi Laure, tu as le soutiens de nous tous :D


This is a masterpiece, greetings from Argentina. <3


If this didn't send chills down your spine, you don't have one


just what i needed more of i cant wait for this whole album

Freddie lp Lankaprod

all ready out mate!!


this is amazing! I need this in my ear sockets every day.


Wow, really nice. I am looking forward to hear more from Rïcïnn.

Phoe Onde

9 more of those and we get a masterpiece, time slows down in the mean of it. All the best for this release.

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