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Al Bent el Chalabia
Rahbani Brothers Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Nilufar Hossain Mukta

I was 12 years old now I m 54 l have found my lalaby soñg again thanks to you tube

Отец Онофрий

Thank you for the history of this song, it was very interesting. I remember this melody and word "shalabiya" since my childhood, we caught it on the radio. Greatings from Georgia!!

Nilufar Hossain Mukta

Thanks for your comments fill nice to know someone who fill like me

ccalimero saghir

Beautifull princesa fayrouz love yoooou


Güzel Şarkı

Achmad S. Arifien

Good song I like

Skyblock Veteran

"great Syria region" was just a part of Ottoman empire

mimi musa

@Skyblock Veteran it's an Arabic Lebanese song that have nothing to do with Turkish or ottoman empire ,
And i don't know why you bring that qustion , but even if what you say happen, which it won't happen inshallah , that won't change the fact that it's arabic song by firouz , also for your knowledge turkey influenced alot by Arabic culture , in lunguage and some tradition and many more ,
But above of all of that if you came here to hate this is not the right place for you , we came here to listen to this beautiful song and firouz heartwarming voice

Skyblock Veteran

@mimi musa nice logic😂😂and if tomorrow israel will rule the region, then all songs etc will turn to jewish one?

mimi musa

This song is arabic , after the otmman no longer ruled the region , in case you didn't know

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