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Raimu Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Overgrown' by these artists:

FELIVAND It′s been six years since i regressed But i still kiss…
James Blake I don't want you to know I took it with me But…
James Blake - [2013 - Overgrown] I don't want you to know I took it with me But…
JamesBlake I don't want you to know I took it with me But…
Kody West I′m all alone in a house with a ghost Follows me…
machineheart Someone crying in the dead of the night Was it me…
Morning Midnight In darkest days I′ve been Blessed with landing I've been hol…
Ocean Alley Well it's not that easy babe Just to walk into my…
Oh Wonder Hanging on a silver string All the love that we could′ve…
Redshift Pilots I feel the light break beneath the leaves The one from…
The Daydream Club Imagine the future It's me and a dream With arms 'round each…
VYEN I can′t be Afraid to breathe So many words But I can't pour…
Walt Mink please show me what i want but haven't got. please…

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Comments from YouTube:

Benji Pixel

this song has been picked up by the chilled cow (changed name to Lo-fi Girl) and is now in the lofi livestream!


^__^ Happy you were watching the stream!! The whole album has been released by them :))

d!lara ##

i heard this while listening lofi study livestream and at the first time listening i obbsessed with that and shazamed thank u for this masterpiece


@Topper Taylorsuch an honor!! Hope that then it helped you focusing back on the studies eheh

Topper Taylor

I also heard it the same way. And stopped in the middle of studying 📚 like what is this amazing sound.


Thanks to you for arriving 'till my channel 💚 Glad you've been witched a bit by this track ☺️


'Overgrown' is the only song in Sons of the Dew with a peculiarity: there's car sounds! The title plays with the double meaning of the word overgrown, both intended in a super forest-y way but also in the sense that we risk to overcome nature as mankind! 
We gotta be respectful for what this world has to offer us because it's a more than unique chance!
Hope you'll like the 7th chapter of the new album,

Drew Star

This song!!!! Simply amazing!


🙏 Thank you so much Drew, happy that you enjoy it! 💚


It’s amazing. Love to hear it on repeat

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