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Waltz For A Little Bird
Rainstick Orchestra Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Andrew Wolfson

Such a beautiful song. I definitely agree - I could listen to this over and over at many different periods of my life.


One of the great undiscovered and unrecognised albums i believe.


I heard this for the first time yesterday and I love it! :)

Teddy Cipolla

That was a long time ago

Ephraim Mfolo

Found this song in my archives....still a great song


I left this page open, went to bed...and today I awoke to the surreal, faint sounds of a xylophone and the weird synth...I didn't even question it, nor why or how it happened. Thanks Inari, for pressing play on my computer today. seriously though, I've never had anything just play on it's own like this...It's compelling.


totally forgot about this piece of greatness. soooooo good. love from Detroit.



daisaku imada

It's good.



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