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Rara Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'KATAKUNA' by these artists:

Uru 知らぬ間に増えた傷痕を 指でなぞり前を向いた 何よりも譲れないものを 灯し続けた歩みの証 悔しかった 弱さを殴った拳に…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Rara:

Ditikam Asmara Takkan lagi Aku mencintai Setelah kau menyakiti Takkan lagi…
Dope Boy Fashion Ah, Yeah, Ah, Yeah, Ah Got big dawg E in this…
Notice It Diamond too big and what not to notice it These VVS,…
白色戀曲 空气里面弥漫一股淡淡清香 难以形容无法去想像 我闭上眼睛了 蓝色天空缓缓飘过白云一朵 有个念头突然闪过了 难道是想你吗 …

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Comments from YouTube:

Adam Celadin

So what do you think about this RARE Sword Guys? Any Share,Like or Comment is Much Appreciated! Thank you and See you Next time!

Gafur Gibran

i have 3 of rare sword 😂


@Marius Mioc I don't know anything about Katanas or Tachis, nontheless I also thought this presentation was totally nuts. Wish I could send you some pictures of the one I have and get your opinion. ;-)

eunoia card

They didn't know how to open the handle bcoz the important details was there. I watch pawn star and I saw how they evaluate a legit sword.

Watch pawn star men.

Kenneth Muyco

When have katana here during work war 2 in the island of panay aklan this katana own in our baranggay Dalipdip Altavas aklan this katana own by Japanese when they go here in our place

Jeff Johnson

Where is you get this sword?? Did you fly to Japan?? You paid $700,000 for this sword???

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Pawn stars: the max I can do is $950 and I'm taking a high risk there

Joe Leo

Lmao they shock me everytime with them low ass numbers


it honestly isnt worth much more than 2000$



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